Meet your Auctioneer

Des Plewman has been a full-time professional auctioneer since 1987. He is a graduate of the Auctioneering Institute of Canada and a member of the Saskatchewan Auctioneer’s Association.


Des is the auctioneer/sales manager at Regina Auto Auction in Regina, SK, where you will see him conducting the vehicle auction every Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

Des has won a wide variety of awards and recognition at provincial, inter-provincial, and national auctioneering championships which led up to winning the Canadian Auctioneering National Championship in 2002. Des’s professionalism, rhythmic bid calling, and ability to read a crowd make him a favorite on the auction block.

In addition to conducting benefit auctions, Des has a diverse professional background, auctioning everything from livestock, automobiles and real estate to antiques and memorabilia. He has travelled the world performing industrial and transportation auctions in the United Arab Emirates, Holland, Spain, France, and Italy.

Des is passionate about giving back and working for benefit auctions. He is particularly proud to have been the Middleton Benefit Auction for the Children’s Wish Foundation’s go-to auctioneer for 12 years and he was honoured to be the auctioneer at the $1.4 million benefit auction for the BC Cancer Foundation.