Barrett Jackson in Vegas, auctions in Phoenix – what’s not to like?

It’s always interesting to check out the auctioneering styles of other auctioneers and the facilities they work in.

In September 2011 I headed to Las Vegas to attend the Barrett Jackson auction. If you watch the current influx of auctioneering shows which have popped up on television, you know that the American style of auctioneer chant is quite different than style my fellow Canadian auctioneers and I use, and the Barrett Jackson auctioneers were no exception to the rule.

Des, in Vegas, at the 2012 Barrett Jackson show.

In January 2012 during the Regina Auto Auction‘s scheduled seasonal shutdown, I headed to Phoenix with fellow auctioneer Frederick Bodnarus from Bodnarus Auctioneering. There was a lot of awesome sightseeing opportunities as we traveled to auctions throughout Arizona. We were even able to take in a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.