2017 Middleton Steak & Lobster benefit

At the request of friends and event organizers Debbie and Ron Middleton, Des took a day away from Regina Auto Auction to head to Manitoba for the special 25th anniversary of the Middleton Steak & Lobster night benefiting the Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Debbie and Ron are already twisting Des’s arm to return for the 26th annual event in July 2018.



“If you want to see a party come to life, just invite Desmond and then make him work for his supper.”

Des at Middleton's Steak & Lobster benefit“We host an annual Steak & Lobster Evening and this will be our 12th year. Every year our friends, neighbours, and local businesses come to eat and donate goods from business-oriented items to crafty handiworks for our live auction. Our proceeds are split between the Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Wish Foundation. Desmond has been doing the honours for 8 years. When Desmond hits the stage it goes into a whole production. He brings the crowd to life and sets the mood for the evening (which is always a good mood). Some folks come to watch, and some thinking they had nothing to bid on end up playing the game because he makes it fun for everyone. Desmond is fun, funny, and a bit of a show man. He has the knack of getting those tight bill folds opened and keeps them open in a lot of cases for multiple purchases. We have seen him get as much as $200 for a couple jars of homemade jam to $500 for a spatula or a set of steak knives.

Ron Middleton, benefit organizer

A special story that comes to mind was when one elderly lady who has been to the event from the beginning asked if that nice looking young man would be here to sell gifts again this year. When I replied yes, she said she would be there to watch.

If Desmond isn’t your friend, you just have not met him yet.”

Ron & Debbie Middleton
7/6 Ranch